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Hacker’s Brain – The Psychology of Programming

In reply to one sentence in this post.

This has led some people to suggest that learning to program may have similar cognitive benefits to becoming bilingual. I personally find this unlikely however, as the number of commands and lines of code that you use as a programmer are far smaller and most of them sound like English anyway: things like ‘IF’ and ‘THEN’ are pretty straightforward…

Which I disagree with.

When programmer gets a large piece of code in front of him, it doesn’t matter if it sounds like English with ifs and elses. That is because if the programmer would only look at ifs and elses at that level, the program as a whole would make no sense to him.

In reality what happens is that programmer tries to make sense out of why those ifs and elses are there, what they do and how they relate to the overall system.

In smaller pieces of code this is not so obvious, but for anyone whom has ever worked with large unknown code bases, for them it is obvious.

So while the code is written in known language, it is sort of a new dialect. The language doesn’t have to be different either. Perhaps best anologue would be to relocate yourself to some other western country, which is still western as your own, but with its own little differences. You would have to learn all those little differences, but it would still be very familiar. But you wouldn’t be able to operate unless you had learned them.

And a new language would then be a completely different culture like Asian or African culture. Where majority of the old rules might not work.

Also sometimes with unknown code with no comments you are forced to create the structure out of nowhere by taking in more and more code. That process is very similar to learning a language where by gathering more information you are eventually able to understand the structures of the language and communicate with it.

And once you have learned that structure, those previously unknown little things suddenly start to make sense because you have seen them previously and have learned what they do. Or in case of a spoken language: know what their meaning in real world context at any given time would be.

So no, looking at one line at language syntax level isn’t comparable to learning new language, but neither is looking “Achtung achtung” considered learning a foreign language. But reading a book in a foreign language or mastering a piece of large software most certainly come close to.

Super high fidelity audio cables

No, because engineers don’t like snake oil.

So we’ll see just how good can 12 € 3m RCA cable be.

They wrote it is double shielded, but at this price, where 3m of copper cable often times is more than 12 €; let alone the connectors and the work; my hopes aren’t too high.

But hopefully good enough to replace my current absolutely non-shielded flimsy cables.

Sure they look good, but will that be enough?


Also, if that is gold, which I somehow doubt. Why have they coated the outer parts as well? Or is there tiny difference in color? It seems that the outer part is brighter, and the inner part looks more like real gold.

Thomann sells basic 3m cables for 2,90 € so I guess it is possible to build cables with shields for 12 €.

Colonial Club by Jeanne Arthes

Found my favorite cologne after some search.


Reminds me of Hugo Boss no.6 but not nearly as sweet (as in caramel), which is good. says;

Colonial Club by Jeanne Arthes Cologne. Project suave sophistication wearing a men’s scent called Colonial Club. The artful, nuanced composition comes from the heart of the fragrance industry. A creation of French label Jeanne Arthes, Colonial Club is a contemporary release with the appeal of a timeless classic. Its eclectic mix of notes includes lemon citrus, fruit essences, cool mint, incense-like patchouli and heady, seductive jasmine. Evocative of the hedonistic ambiance of a posh country club, this rich masculine scent radiates charisma.

Which I agree with. It is complex.

But the thing is, you cannot apply too much, as it is very, very strong. Lasts the whole day.

Stays good for extended period of time. After multiple years I still find my old one extremely pleasing.

And as one person commented:

Sadly it seems Jeanne Arthes is discontinuing it since FragranceX is the only vendor I’ve found selling it.

So it took some time to come about it, but was finally found at local store. Perhaps because the local population couldn’t appreciate it enough, and it was left on its own. So of course I instantly ordered two bottles, and may look into purchasing the two remaining bottles just to be safe.

APC Smart Signaling cable

|                                                                 |
|  Black APC 940-0024C Smart Signalling UPS Cable Wiring Diagram  |
|  This information is verified and tested to be 100% correct.    |
|                                                                 |
|                                                                 |
|       DB9M(UPS)            2m Cable          DB9F(Computer)     |
|       ---------            --------          --------------     |
|                                                                 |
|         (SHELL)<---------+----//----+----------------<(SHELL)   |
|                          |          |                           |
|                          -          -                           |
|                         | |        | |                          |
|       CHASSIS 9<--------------//---------------------<5 SG      |
|                         | |        | |                          |
|           TXD 2<--------------//---------------------<2 RXD     |
|                         | |        | |                          |
|           RXD 1<--------------//---------------------<3 TXD     |
|                         | |        | |                          |
|                          -          -             +--<1 DCD     |
|                                                   |             |
|                                                   +--<4 DTR     |
|    NOTES:                                                       |
|    Cable type is shielded 28AWG.                  +--<7 RTS     |
|    The DB shells are connected                    |             |
|    to each other via the shield.                  +--<8 CTS     |
|                                                                 |
|                                                                 |
|    Operation:     The UPS communicates with the Computer via    |
|    ordinary RS-232 serial protocol at 2400-8N1 with software    |
|    flow control. Jumpered pins in the DB9F connector are for    |
|    automatic or PNP cable identification by UPS software.       |
|                                                                 |
|                                                                 |
|                           Male (pins)        Female (holes)     |
|   DB9 RS-232  PC                                                |
|   type connector          1         5         5         1       |
|  ----------------       _______________     _______________     |
|  Pinout numbering       \  . . . . .  /     \  o o o o o  /     |
|  looking into the        \  . . . .  /       \  o o o o  /      |
|  end of the cable         -----------         -----------       |
|                             6     9             9     6         |
|                                                                 |
|  NOTE: Solder a wire to the metal shell for use as a FRAME-GND  |
|                                                                 |

Had to order some connectors to get the pinouts correct for my USB-serial adapter.

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Brand new LTO-4 tapes for pennies

Five native 800GB data cartridges and one cleaning cartridge for 85,90 €.


The cleaning cartridge alone is worth 60 € or thereabouts. And the data cartridges are about 30 €. And these are all brand new so that’s worth 200 € easily.


But these 5 tapes will let me archive 1600GB of uncompressed data (1840GB @ 1.15x) for at least 5 or 10 years without too big of risk of loss of data. Then once that time has passed the LTO-5 or LTO-6 drives would have become cheap enough to transfer the data onto new tapes. LTO of course is two generations backwards compatible so there is little risk of not being able to retrieve the data after even 10 or 15 years.

Hard drives are so poor technology for backing up data because they require so much maintenance. They take a lot of space and a lot of power. And there is a huge risk of human errors. With tapes all of those are eliminated and you can leave the tapes as is for extended periods of time, and only care about the proper storage and constant environmental factors.

Never going back to hard drives for cold data.

And here’s more about the technology:


And once up and running, need to check out this for managing the encryption: or perhaps Amanda or Bacula. Because I know nothing how to manage these things.


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Partial tape drive failure, but only partial

Because the drive doesn’t use SAS as I had thought it would, and now I have a SAS card which I have no use for. But it only cost 12 € and it could become useful, so not a big deal.

But I would really have hoped for SAS drive because SCSI is so old.

So now looking to order all the necessary SCSI stuff; card, cable and the terminator. That really says it all: a terminator. That means the tech is really, really, really old.

Looking to get this one, as it seems to be pretty much the only one available:


LSI Logic SCSI LVD/SE Controller PCI Express x4 LSI20320IE

Offered $15 for it. Hopefully the seller will accept it. Not like he’s going to be selling these like crazy anyways. Better take what he gets I say.


But I cant wait to get all my data onto tape. That would be beautiful day. Everything neat and tidy, archived onto tapes. In two locations. No more worrying about instant destruction of valuable data.


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